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Multi-Style Eskrima


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Bahala Na Multi-Style Eskrima System

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"Bahala Na Multi-Style Escrima consists of the Original Giron Escrima (OGE) System of Grandmaster Leo Giron, the Serrada/Largo-Mano/Decuerdas (SLD) System of Dentoy Revillar and the Multi-style combat techniques and concepts of Maestro Dexter Labonog".

It is the only system that has been endorsed by the Giron family as teaching the original and authentic techniques and concepts of their father Grandmaster Leo Giron. Bahala Na Multi-Style Escrima encompasses the highest level of Filipino Martial Arts combat training. In addition to paying strict attention to preserving and maintaining the original teachings of the Giron and SLD systems, Bahala Na Multi-Style continues to push the envelope of realistic combat training. This provides the student with the most up to date and effective training in the Filipino Martial Arts possible; and offers the very best edged weapon and impact weapon training available.

“Training for the Truth” is encouraged and full contact sparring is an integral part of the curriculum taught. The goal is not only to expose the student to the history and culture of the Filipino Martial Arts, but to also prepare them to survive and to win if faced with a real combat situation.



June Gotico

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