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Bahala Na Multi-Style Escrima

Bahala Na Multi-Style Escrima consists of the Original Giron Escrima System of Grandmaster Leo Giron, the Serrada/Largo-Mano/Decuerdas (SLD) System of Maestro Dentoy Revillar and the Multi-style combat techniques and concepts of Maestro Dexter Labonog.

Bahala Na Multi-Style Escrima encompasses the highest level of Filipino Martial Arts combat training, paying strict attention to preserving and maintaining the original teachings of the Giron and SLD systems but at the same time, pushing the envelope of training for realistic combat situations.

We encourage full contact sparring, so that the students can apply what they learned to see what works for them in combat. This is the spirit behind “Training for the Truth.” Our goal is to not only expose our students to the history and culture of the Filipino Martial Arts, but to also prepare them to survive and win if faced with a real life combative situation.

meet Our instructors

Dexter Labanog
– Grand Master

June Gotico
– Maestro/Chief Guro

Gene Inis
– Guro

Edward Talisayan
– Guro

Bobby Antuna
– Guro

Tom Flores
– Guro

Noel Tomboc
– Guro

David Alessandro
– Guro

Marcus Quilenderino
– Guro

Fernando Navarro
– Guro

Jamie Lagang
– Guro

Dean Marcellana
- Guro

Alex Marana

Jay Paular
– Guro

Terry Joven
– Guro

Jim Nordstrom
– Guro

Mary Ann Kleine
– Guro

Pete Melanson
– Guro

Glenn Abrescy
– Guro

Eric Abrescy
– Guro

Our Graduates

Sammy Helwer

Jeff Tacazon

Caleb Hernandez

Carolyne Balabaur

Greg Balabaur

Philip Roque


Jay Devara

Justice Devera